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Hi to all parents and little explorers! We are extremely excited to announce that our Project - children's programming courses - has just launched!

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What was our 2023 like?

The past year has been full of challenges, changes and successes for our company, which we are happy to share with you!

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Generics in TypeScript

Our talented programmer Ola shared with us some facts about generic types in Typescript. To learn more, take a look at the post.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May this Christmas bring joy, peace and a warm family atmosphere. We wish you many successes both professionally and privately, new inspirations and fruitful cooperation. We would like to thank our employees, partners and all those who work with us for their trust and support!

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Production Debugging

Developer Przemek has prepared an extremely interesting presentation about debugging in production. If you are curious, be sure to take a look at our latest post!

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We are excited to present our new product! It is an innovative educational platform that provides the best tools to learn coding and develop programming skills.

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Bialystok University of Technology Job Fair - thanks

We are proud of our cooperation with Bialystok University of Technology! As one of the sponsors of the Job Fair, we received an exceptional thank you. It is a great honor for us to support the future of students and help them in their professional development!

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React Query

What is React Query? Developer Patrick shared with us some information about this technology. Interested? Be sure to take a look at the post!

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