Bespoke software development solutions for your business


We can help with technology strategy consulting, solution design, web development, application development, data optimization, teams augumentation extension and much more.

Technology strategy consulting

For a high level of consulting services that cover expansive topics, we assist with conversions into the digital portal, help to illustrate effective roadmaps, promote better value via new technologies, construct simple reference architecture, and so much more.

Solution design

For cutting-edge mission-critical solutions that are designed and delivered in-house for all business needs, we can work with you on cloud migration, data science, and enhance your digital experience. Our deep understanding allows us to create dynamic, yet technical designs even for strict deadlines. No project is too challenging for our team.

Web development

We create stunning, intuitive, and secure web applications exclusively to meet our client’s business goals, with a tailored approach to design. We implement the most reliable methodologies and use nothing but best practices throughout the development process. You can expect high-quality, professional support every step of the way.

Data optimization

Combining customer data and developing advanced statistical models for lead scoring, we integrate models with transactional systems, create marketing automation software, and implement external advertising platforms for customer-centric acquisition solutions that revolutionize traditional data optimization techniques.

Building a team

Team extension

We set up a cross-functional dedicated software development team in our offices. We take care of screening candidates based on your needs and requirements, and then help you run interview rounds to hire the right people. Once you approve the members of your extended development team, they will be working directly with you from one of our offices, while we take care of infrastructure, developer retention, and administrative support.

Team extension

Project outsourcing

We take full responsibility for a technology program, committing to achieve business outcomes by pre-agreed milestones. Our clients maintain control over business priorities and transparency over delivery progress without having to worry about staffing.

Project outsourcing

Outsourcing specialist

We have team of talented developers available to support any of your ad hoc projects or skills-gap, on a very short notice, for both short and longer projects. You acquire an experienced and reliable specialist without worrying about lengthy and costly recruitment process.

Outsourcing specialist